9 Dresses You Can Wear with Sneakers

September 3, 2016
a-line dress with sneakers


9 Dresses You Can Wear With Sneakers

Who says you can’t be comfortable and confident at the same time? Years ago, Demi Lovato graced the world with the single “La La Land” and the most underrated advice ever: wear Converse with that party dress. After spend many nights out ditching my heels for tennis shoes, I can safely tell you that it’s an experience worth trying. While there’s a dress for every pair of sneakers, here’s a few that will knock your socks off.

Drop it Low

Be adventurous. A longer dress will do wonders to frame your kicks.

This printed maxi dress is perfect for a bold core look.


You can get it for $283 on Revolve.

The 90s called, they love this black maxi to transition seamlessly from day to night.


It’s available to for $23 on Asos.

A drop waist is a fantastic way to mix things up.

watercolor ombre dress

This stunning watercolor dress from Anthropologie works for spring, summer, and fall. It’s available for $78 on their website.


Mix and Match

Cotton tends to be the popular fabric choice for pairing with sneakers. But that shouldn’t stop you from experimenting with your wardrobe.

Chiffon might seem too dressy for sneakers. However, with its breathable nature and simple charm, chiffon is perfect for your Adidas knock-offs (don’t worry, we won’t tell).

Keep things flirty with a mini dress available on Revolve for $82.

Is there anything that doesn’t go with denim?

denim shirtdress

We love this versatile shirtdress from Madewell.  You’ll never have to worry about how you accessorize—shoes included.

A business casual dress is still perfect to pair with tennis shoes.

And this $119 blue dress from Ann Taylor will make your favorite white sneakers pop.


Easy Breezy

Flaunt your beautiful body in a dress that hugs you just right.

The only thing better than a cozy sweater with your favorite kicks is an entire dress made for your warmth.

dark green knit bodycon

This long sleeve bodycon dress ($66) from Lulu’s will keep you warm and it’s very appropriate for fall.

If you aren’t feeling the seasons change yet, but dig a knit dress, this dress from Nordstrom will make you fall in love.

rib knit swing dress

Plus, at $22 you’ll have just enough left over to buy a new pair of Vans.

And finally, don’t let size be an issue.

This curvy asymmetrical dress ($140) by Michael Kors will let you show off your comfy shoes and your great bod.

Happy shopping.


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